Change is a Good Thing

Change is a Good Thing!

After 4 wonderful years of business Euro Auto Service (formerly Resto-Euro) has decided to make some changes which will result in upgrades. We have decided to change our labor rate to $130/hour effective October 1st, 2020.

This is a reasonable and comparable labor rate. Our motto has always been to provide “Fair and Honest Auto Service.” To continue meeting these standards we feel the need to raise our rate to cover the costs of business. Over time the price of everything increases including the cost of doing business, hiring new employees, and expanding our space. We are tremendously grateful for the business you have provided us these past 4 years. Due to the amount of business, we plan to expand our workforce in the coming year. By expanding our workforce we will provide you more efficient service. We plan on being here long term while continuing to provide you with the quality service we are known for.

Taking care of our employees is a top priority here at Euro Auto Service. Happy employees result in better work. Thank you for understanding why we are making this change and we are excited about the positive impact it is going to make. 

Thank You, 

Euro Auto Service 

Dean, Larry, and Alyssa 

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